festoon lightING hire options

$59.99 /night

Event Lighting Hire

20m Festoon Light Hire

$49.99 /night

Event Lighting Hire

10m Festoon Light Hire

$29.99 /night


Alright, let’s paint a picture for you. Imagine doing a little dance of figure-eights across the tables, not you personally (though we’d love to see that!), but with lights. Our 20m connectable festoon lights are perfect for that. Looking to bring that cosy, close-knit vibe to a wedding? We’ve got you covered. Now, you might not be planning a wedding, but hey, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at a romantic soiree every once in a while? Ok, maybe without the awkward uncle dancing, but you catch our drift

Let’s set the scene – an open sky, stars peeking through, and then… voilà! Rows of our 20m festoon lights swaying gently above, casting a warm white glow over the dance floor. It’s got that vintage touch, you know? Perfect for a first dance, a twirl, or even just a shimmy. Who said the outdoors couldn’t be the best ballroom? Well, minus the bugs. But hey, small price for ambiance, right?

Okay, now picture this: you’re inside a marquee, maybe there’s a slight hum of chatter, and above you? Zigzags! Not the doodles you drew in school, but our 20m connectable festoon lights. They’re there, doing their swish-swash dance, bringing in light, ambience, and a bit of pizzazz. It’s classic, but with a twist. Like wearing a tuxedo with funky socks. A little unexpected move for that timeless theme!

Let’s take a trip to your backyard. Grass underfoot, maybe a barbecue sizzling somewhere, and… what’s that above? Strings! No, not spaghetti strings (though that would be an interesting party). We’re talking about our 10m festoon lights. Dangling overhead, they’re the unsung heroes illuminating those fabulous backyard parties, those ‘let’s-celebrate-for-no-reason’ shindigs, or those ‘I’ll-remember-this-forever’ moments with pals and family. Because every soirée needs its spotlight, right?

Alright, close your eyes. Well, after you read this, of course. Picture two buildings, maybe in your hometown. But now, drape a dazzling zigzag of our 20m connectable festoon lights between them. Suddenly, it’s not just any old alleyway – it’s a moonlit stroll in Paris, a festive night in Barcelona, or a serene evening in Venice. With these lights, it’s like holding a ticket to anywhere. An immediate escape, right in your backyard. Who knew festoons were basically fairy godmothers in disguise?